Dear friends of Aviation, I am pleased to welcome you to your celebration. The hug of Kavala will be plenty of citizens and visitors of all ages, with the expectation to “raise their heads up” and to feel with all their sensations a unique experience out and beyond the daily routine.


Τhe air displays present and promote the human ability, boldness and also the limits of aeronautical technology, provoke emotion and admiration to spectators, widen the imagination of little children.


The institution that we aspire to establish has unique characteristics in quality and quantity for the current Greek air reality. The knowledge on which is based, is synchronized with the traditions and the national criteria of safety and security thanks to the close cooperation with the Armed Forces and the Civil Aviation, it creates solid foundations for a particularly sensitive and basically unfamiliar organization.


Thanks to exploitation of the potential of all the social agencies, services and infrastructure, it can be realized without affecting their functionality, with the minimum cost in an extreme environment of recession at all levels.


Besides, we are willing also this year that our participations will offer a synchronized and marvelous show that will keep all people’s eyes on it, it will give them joy and emotion and it will make them participants on a celebration and a trip full of hospitality and offering from the enterprises of the town and our region.


It started only just three years before and it promisingly grows. Live it!


Colonel (FP ret.) Panagiotis J. Georgiadis Organiser & Flying Display Director


– 1995 PG. SECTION LEADER F / NF – 5 A 343 SQ HEAF




– 1 st Kavala Air Show 2011 Director




– 2nd Kavala Air Show 2012 Organizer & Flying Diplay Director


Kavala AirSea Show