Pageo Flying Day

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Pageo Flying Day

Sunday, July 2nd, 2017 and Pageo Flying Day is on. Under the hot sun, at the unique Byzantine Castles of N. Peramos, the picturesque footpaths and the city streets, at the long beaches from the limits of the Municipality of Kavala to the Ammolofi beach, tens of thousands of people enjoyed a spectacle of exceptional beauty and unique quality, where the blue colour of the sky mixes with the blue colour of the sea.


For the first time in the history of Kavala AirSea Show, the event has been formally expanded outside the boundaries of the Municipality of Kavala, towards the Municipality of Paggaio. The audience had the opportunity to choose its ideal conditions under which they could enjoy the show. Even swimming in the sea, due to the high temperatures, the cheers for each team and each pilot were intense. The unique demonstration scenery, and its vast range, provided the pilots with the opportunity to greatly extend their range of action, while the well organised event provided the crowd with the opportunity to enjoy a magnificent spectacle.


Regarding the show itself, all the teams presented their unique program, giving a lot of promises and raising the bar even higher for the next Kavala AirSea Show and its expansion to other areas of the Administrative Region of Kavala.