A Brief Note on the Event

A Brief Note on the Event

International Aeronautics organization « Kavala AirSea Show »

“Objectives and Perspectives”

The Organizing Committee headed by the municipality and the Regional Union of Kavala and members of the Port Authority, the “DIMOFELEIA”, the Chamber of Commerce, the Association of Hoteliers of Kavala, the Kafezythopolon Association and the AOPA Hellas, planning international aeronautical organization «Kavala AirSea Show», in the coastal area of our city and port in the region.

The organization has a strategy and operational cooperation with the Defense Ministry, the Civil Aviation Authority and the Government Agencies. “Under the auspices” of the Ministry of Tourism and is a member of the European Air Show Council (EUAC).

Air and naval demonstrations highlight and promote the human ability and courage but also the technology Aeronautics limits, cause emotion and admiration of the audience, expand the imagination of young children.

The institution most by citizens for citizens with the slogan “We lift the head up” from the start of the 2011 Dare, succeeds and grows under the most difficult economic downturn environment which shows the potential of our society to the unit base and plus hard work.

The image of the sky and the sea link with the city landscape are the perfect backdrop with the dynamic elements of this unique kind of organization, create an innovative cultural and tourism promotion tool for the development of our region.

Easy access by all means and from the Balkan countries, free participation in the organization, the hospitality and leisure facilities allow tens of thousands of spectators from the coastal zone and any other point in our cardioid city to enjoy for many hours a unique spectacle. With organized trade fair, parks, Café / Bar and restaurants with many parallel activities “keep” the audience of all ages at all hours of the 24 hours.

This dynamic can ensure most important prospects of return at multiple levels and especially at this social coherence and visibility of our country, in addition to entertainment, entertainment, markets, trade and tourism.

United local players so we want to establish an innovative international institution in Southeastern Europe, who may, in addition to the development of aviation and the idea of our maritime tradition, constitute the important growth lever.

Perhaps it is just to win the look and dreams of young children.