6th Kavala Air Sea Show – Pageo Flying Day 2017 General Description

6th Kavala Air Sea Show – Pageo Flying Day 2017 General Description

The international organization “6th Kavala Air/Sea show” is planned to take place during the following dates: 30 June – 02 July 2017. It is an annual, free-to-public show of aerospace and naval demonstrations along the promenade of Kavala with its center being the City harbor «Saint Paul».  The area, the Sky and the Sea until the island of Thasos shape an “amphitheatre” created by the nature.

A unique and pioneer experience all over the country, which we annually share with  thousands of spectators, Greek and foreigners, even tourists who have visited the region spending their summer holidays and enjoying the rich natural and cultural heritage of the welcoming arms of the Macedonian land.

The organization is running since 2011 with the help of the municipality of Kavala, the borough of East Macedonia and Thrace Region of Kavala as the head of the Organizing Commission. The members are: the Port Authority of Kavala (OLK AU) Port of Kavala Authority, the Kavala Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Public Benefit Organization of the City of Kavala (DIMOFELIA) “Dimofelia” (organization acting in the interests of borough), the Hotel Association, the Association of Coffee Roasters and Bars and AOPA Hellas.

The organization is cooperating directly with the Ministry of National Defense, the Ministry of Shipping & Island Policy Ministry of Shipping, the Hellenic National Defence General Staff (HNDGS) National Defense General Staff, Armed Forces, the Hellenic Civil Aviation Authority (HCAA) and the International National Airport and Hub of Kavala. It is cooperating with the appropriate bodies of State Services and Security Services Forces, as well.  It keeps up with standards and experiences, being member of European Air Show Council (EUAC), and exclusively and officially following the regulation of HCAA (Civil Aviation Authority). In the meantime, it is recognized as an innovative organization of civil and tourism depiction of the development of Kavala – Thassos Region, a fact that has led into being under the protection “Auspices of the Ministry of Tourism” and being supported by the Greek National Tourism Organization.

The aerospace and naval demonstrations highlight and promote the human ability and courage, but also, the limits of Aeronautics technology, as well. In addition, they cause admiration and thrill to the audience and expand the imagination of young children. The number of parallel activities, such as the region dedicated to kinder zone children in the municipal park called “Faliro”, concerts, competitions and exhibitions, along with dozens Café / bar and restaurants, Luna Park e.t.c which are offered by a modern city, entertain the public of every age all day long.

All the factors mentioned above make the organization an amazing opportunity to promote a wide variety of products and services, which touch the business sector, apart from the aviation and maritime sector, as well. The main elements of the dynamic of our organization and the choice of sponsorship support and cooperation are presented on the following pages.

Finally in close corporation with Municipality of “Pageo” will organize a special Flying Display over Sea Front of Peramos City ( Just 18Km West of Kavala City) on Sunday JULY 02 at 12:00 – 13:00. Free for the public.

More info Official: Follow the “NEWS” at Web Site www.kavala-airshow.com and Face Book https://www.facebook.com/kavala.airshow/

Panagiotis (Panos) J. Georgiadis Colonel (ret.) Hellenic Air Force

Organizer & Flying Display Director

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